july telephone pictures.

Here are some photos you missed if you don’t follow us on The Day19 Twitter. Taken w/ our telephones.

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We just got the issue of The Wire we shotMadlib for and it looks incredible! We are super excited, one because we love The Wire, two because they chose so many photos to run full page, three because we never get cover shoots so that’s exciting in itself, and four because it was such an awesome day. Check out bad scans of the layout and larger photos after the jump… plus a bonus outtake I dug.

In other news we just photographed Mariachi El Bronx in downtown Los Angeles for some Australian magazines and general press. We also shot ex members of Panic at the Disco Ryan Ross & Jon Walker in the studio for their new project. It also looks like we’ll be spending the rest of the summer in NYC, more on that soon.

Oh, and that contest is ending any minute now.
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So here it is… (The contest)

Bam! And you say goddamn, this is a dope jam? OK, enough Public Enemy.

Back to the contest.

We honestly had no idea when we decided to give away our old camera for a print from someone how big this contest would actually get. Over 1600 people sent in photos, 5 photos per person. Meaning, we looked at over 8000 images to get it down the the final 5. Scratch that, 10. We decided to each pick 5, don’t get mad… it’s our contest for our camera and we didn’t want to argue.

People from all over the world sent in stuff and we want to thank every one of you for taking the time to do so, I wish we had 100 of these cameras to give away. There was a lot of great stuff but what it came down to is what would we love to have big hanging on our wall (that was the whole point remember) and here they are in no particular order after the jump. (images can be clicked to see a bigger version).

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Madlib for Wire (UK)

We photographed Madlib for the current issue of The Wire. Four full pages, a half page, and a cover! Go buy a copy today in Europe, in a week or so in the US.

What a gift!

We received one of the most amazing, unexpected gifts in the mail today. A full set of Where the Wild Things Are decks from Girl. Thanks Andy!! Thanks Spike! Can’t wait to see this friggin’ film.

Fingers in the mouth, toes on the nose.

We usually don’t post photos of our son Eli on here in an attempt to not look like crazy parents who only shoot their kids (he has his own blog at Day19.com/eli but I had to with this one. It’s an iPhone photo of our little man almost hanging 10 on the wrong kind of board. Fingers in the mouth, toes on the nose! That’s some smooth style. It’s actually 9X world champ Kelly Slater’s board but he won’t care about that stuff for a couple more years.

Happy Sunday, submissions for our old 5D contest end this week. We’ll be posting our 5 favorite and opening up the voting very soon.

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Dudes in a van.


Caroline Polachek from Chairlift, shot in Los Angeles.