You know what this means?

We are about to embark on our 3 week shoot for Nokia. Today we went for our travel vaccinations, but Claire couldn’t get them because she’s still nursing Little Man. I just downloaded the new WordPress application for our iPhones so don’t worry! We can still update.

Claire shot The Donnas for the new issue of Nylon. They shot it at The Griffin if anyone cares to go and re-enact the photo. Make-up done by The Amy Chance, of course.

Happy Independence Day.

Happy Birthday Audio.

Audio turned 5. Had a sweet party in the park. Pizza. Cake. Bouncy castle. What more could you ask for?

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Robert Frank re-releases.

Here’s something you should all get excited about, Robert Frank books and movies getting re-released!

Steidl has started The Robert Frank Project which is basically re-printing some out of print titles and rare books and films of Mr Frank’s to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of The Americans. I believe about half are available already with the rest coming out by 2009. They even have a catalogue on their site documenting the time they spent with him re-issuing these amazing books. Check it all out here. And check out this bookshelf we just had built to hold them all, the Ikea shelves and stacks on the floor just weren’t cutting it anymore.

The painting in the middle was done by Mr. Travis Millard.

Polaroid Project update.

We updated our ever growing Polaroid Project and are finally editing it down a bit for volume 1 of the book to be released later this year. There’s a nice interview y’all should watch that aired on NBC news this past Sunday with the man pictured above…