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Found it!


Went on an adventure last week to try and find the legendary Baldy full pipe I’ve seen photos of in magazines since I first found skateboarding. Didn’t do anything impressive skating wise but the adventure and seeing something in person that seemed like a myth was amazing. Here’s some photos of adventure partner Brett not looping it.

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What a gift!

We received one of the most amazing, unexpected gifts in the mail today. A full set of Where the Wild Things Are decks from Girl. Thanks Andy!! Thanks Spike! Can’t wait to see this friggin’ film.

Dudes in a van.

Star Trek Enterprise Project.

A couple months back we were asked by Paramount Pictures to design a Star Trek Enterprise ship (I don’t know why we were chosen either) for a touring art show to promote their new movie so we said sure, why not? Weeks later a huge wooden crate showed up at our house with a blank ship in it and made us think “damn, what the crap do we do now”? Our original idea was to sell it and take a portrait of the buyer with the ship in one hand and the grip of cash in the other and give them the photo framed but we chickened out, so we made it into a skateboard. We put little photos all over the bottom which looked pretty cool but I guess they weren’t interested in showing that angle. You can see all the ships together here…

New Day19 ‘zine, sorta.

Converse is releasing a limited edition ‘zine tomorrow that features a lot of the work we did with them last year. We haven’t seen it yet but will be going to a Cons dealer to try and get our hands on one. Let us know if you find one. Theres a dealer locator at

Eli, Girl, Bend.

I have been a fan of Mr. Andy Jenkins for a long ass time now. I was a fan of his work before I even realized it was his work I was a fan of, if that makes sense. So you can only imagine how stoked I was when Tim (our mailman) dropped this off at our door about 5 minutes ago. Eli’s very own wooden OG Girl!

Thanks Andy!

Made for Skate.

Our buddy Raymond brought us a couple of these last night. That’s our photo of Pops, on the cover! I think it’s just the special Converse cover but still, looks amazing I think. It’s a book on the history of skate shoes and it’s almost as good as Disposable. Almost. Look for it!

2009 promo poster.

These just came back from the printers and look so great. 2 sided poster that get sent out as our first promo of 2009. You can also buy one if you’d like. They are 2 sided so you can switch it around every couple months. They are 11×17 and they are folded. They are six bucks.

Pro status.

Mumble teamed up with Powell Peralta to make legendary skateboard photographer J. Grant Brittain an honorary pro. Check out the interview HERE and buy the limited edition deck HERE before they sell out.