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Deserves a quiet night.

We did a fashion story for Monster Children a couple months back and just posted the photos on our website. Let us know what you think.


September’s coming soon.

We shot a fashion spread for our favorite magazine Monster Children that hits store this week. I can’t begin to tell you how proud we are of these photos and how excited we are that Monster Children gave us the space in their magazine to share them. There’s also one of the best photos I’ve ever seen on the cover. We’ll post more soon.

Excuse me Portland.

Honored to be part of this all star cast that opens tomorrow in Portlandtown. We’ve seen photos and it looks incredible!

Happiest place on earth.

We brought Eli and my mom to the land of Disney yesterday. Needless to say, it’s his new favorite place.

Motorola Mickey.

An ad we shot for Motorola with Anomaly is on the back of this week’s LA Weekly! We knew they were running because we already saw them in some other mags, but for some reason it just looks so rad on the back of LA’s free newspaper. It was a great (but super last minute) shoot that came together in less than a week. Anomaly asked if we could pull off a show at a club where basically the crowd is super excited but it needs to look as crowded and of course, as real as possible. So we put out the word to friends on the Facebook, the Day19Twitter, sent out about 200 text messages and it all came together brilliantly. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our friends coming out, our fantastic agents for going above and beyond what any other agent would do, Jim for letting us use The Smelland without the good folks at Anomaly and Motorola believing we could pull off what we promised we could (with 2 days notice). Everyone was super stoked with the outcome, a bunch of people came out and got to stage dive for maybe their first and/or last time, and our good buddy Mickey is now in ads running all over the world! Yes, THIS Mickey.

Thanks again everyone.

Monster Polaroid Children Project.

Monster Children has hit our shores and in their first U.S. issue they have a beautiful feature on our Polaroid Project. We also shot artist Lisa Solberg for a little feature and photos from our opening are in the back. We’re all over it! You can pick up a copy at your local newsstand or buy one online HERE.

Monster Children

While in Australia we met and got to know the fine people who bring you Monster Children, the magazine. Chris, who everyone seems to call Hollywood, picked us up, showed us around and brought us to the offices like a gracious tour guide. Hollywood, Campbell and Lucy are some really swell folks. Seriously, how great is it that the people who make one of the best magazines in the world are also such great people? We all share too many similarities it’s crazy. Anyway, I don’t want to blow too much smoke up their arses, it just rules to meet people who get it like they do. Good job Monster Childreners, can’t wait to see you in the states. More phodos after the jump.
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Hello Australia!

Semi-Permanent Sydney 2009 Montage from Semi Permanent on Vimeo.

Semi Permanent is a creative festival that happens in the land down under and they asked little old us to come and speak at their Melbourne event October 10th. I get ridiculously nervous about speaking in front of 20 people let alone 2000 but how could I turn down an amazing opportunity like this and a free trip to Australia! I’ll get over it quickly. If you live in Australia please come and say hello or invite us for a drink, we’re there for a week. So excited.

a photo a day and healthy men.

Any long time followers of the day19 website will remember when we attempted putting up a photo of the day in a section cleverly titled “photo of the day”. We are going to attempt that again. We’ll see. The above photo is Peter Sutherland in the air.

I was reading THIS interview today with the photo director at Men’s Health that I found thru a link on Whats the Jackanory. At the end she was asked whose work she loves/follows and she mentions us! I’m not gonna lie, but I was getting jealous of the list who includes some big time picture takers whose names I actually recognize like Martin Schoeller and Dan Winters and then I see us! I got all excited and had to call Claire. Always feels nice.