We’re a month and a half into the new decade and I am trying to wrap my head around what we’ve been up to lately. Opening a gallery (THIS was a huge success) seems like it has taken up all of our time, but we did actually have some photo shoots sprinkled in there too. Nothing that big so far, but our fingers are crossed. A shoot for Rolling Stone last week, a couple shoots for The Wire, a shoot for Rockstar Games, a print campaign for Motorola, a shoot for our new studio mates Monster Children who are about to invade our shores with their magazine.

Claire and friends in our studio.

After a big project you’ve been working on for months happens it’s sometimes hard to get your head back into all the other things that are going on. Like trying to make a new website that hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, trying to actually put out this Polaroid Project book, setting up the next show we are going to be having at the space (a collage show is next and then a Polaroid show we are curating with Jason Lee). I’ll stop the rambling now. Sorry. How are you?

The spread above is Sarah Silverman we shot for the latest issue of Nylon.