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The studio got invaded today. 150 points.

Goodbye and goodnight.

Let us just start by saying, our opening night for the Friends 2 show was amazing (even with the theft that happened after the opening). Watch the time lapse video down below.

There were so many friends, old and new, so many great vibes, so many people being introduced to new art and artists they’d never seen before, all in all a great night.

To answer a few questions. Yes we are still open, and yes we will be having a closing show for These Friends 2.

Head back in this Friday, March 4th to see the show before it comes down. There is still a lot of great art available, at every price range.

We hope to see you all soon. Also, mark your calendar for March 25th, when Megan Whitmarsh will be taking over and transforming the gallery for our next show. More info real soon.


Atlantic/Pacific from THIS.

You can hear Eli cough at :47.

These Friends 2 at THIS.

THIS Los Angeles is a gallery space we started with some friends one year ago. For the inaugural show we decided to invite all our friends to show one piece and it was a huge success (photos), over 800 people spilling out into the streets of Highland Park to try and catch a glimpse. We had a bunch of other shows throughout the year, some we had a hand in and some that we didn’t even make it to the openings. We never started the spot so we could be gallery owners, we just wanted to showcase our friends work and our interests in a nice space. I think we did a good job so far and are very excited for the upcoming year, kicking off with another huge group show… These Friends 2. Opening February 4th, 2011. Hope to see you all there/here sometime.

The 2010 Christmas print.

Years ago we started putting up a cheap print for sale (it used to pay January’s rent) around the holidays as a thanks to people who check out our work/blog and here’s this years. This year is a photo of good buddy Jesse Spears dancing on Easter. It’s limited to 35 for $35, signed and numbered. We will be selling them at the “THIS Holiday” show this weekend at THIS Los Angeles. If there are any left we’ll put them up for sale here starting Monday.

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Yay for kid’s books.

Books and original art with a weekend of awesome events planned for the little ones, more info at

Next at THIS…a photo show.

Transplants. A photography show in conjunction with MOPLA.

4.30.10 – 5.14.10.

Opening night – 4.30.10 7-10PM.

Our 3rd show is co-presented with the good people from MOPLA (Month of Photography Los Angeles).
10 renowned and award winning photographers, living and working in Los Angeles but born and raised elsewhere.. in other words 10 Transplants:

Adam Amengual.

Aaron Farley.

Amanda Friedman.

Sian Kennedy.

Liz Kuball.

Chris McPherson.

Scott Pommier.

Ryan Schude.

Emily Shur.

Claire Weiss

Jeremy Weiss

Go to for some preview images.

This in that.

One of our side projects was written up in the new issue of Paper. Click to make larger.

2010 so far.

We’re a month and a half into the new decade and I am trying to wrap my head around what we’ve been up to lately. Opening a gallery (THIS was a huge success) seems like it has taken up all of our time, but we did actually have some photo shoots sprinkled in there too. Nothing that big so far, but our fingers are crossed. A shoot for Rolling Stone last week, a couple shoots for The Wire, a shoot for Rockstar Games, a print campaign for Motorola, a shoot for our new studio mates Monster Children who are about to invade our shores with their magazine.

Claire and friends in our studio.

After a big project you’ve been working on for months happens it’s sometimes hard to get your head back into all the other things that are going on. Like trying to make a new website that hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, trying to actually put out this Polaroid Project book, setting up the next show we are going to be having at the space (a collage show is next and then a Polaroid show we are curating with Jason Lee). I’ll stop the rambling now. Sorry. How are you?

The spread above is Sarah Silverman we shot for the latest issue of Nylon.

Mel Kadel and THIS.

For our first opening this Friday, the good folks at RVCA have helped us out (with the huge price tag it takes to start a place) by printing us a limited edition t-shirt designed by LA based artist and This pal Mel Kadel. They are RVCA shirts so you know the quality is top notch. We’ll be selling them at the opening and online here. $20. Thanks Mel! Thanks RVCA! Thank You for supporting THIS!

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