LFL ladies for Grantland.

We recently photographed a story for Grantland on the LFL. Never heard of the LFL? Me neither. It’s a women’s football league. Click above if you want to know more about it, or just click HERE if you want to see some more photos.

Molly, Big Bear. 2015

One day in Shanghai.

Last week we flew to China for a day, for work. We had a couple hours off the next day before our return flight and got to roam around a bit. Here are some random photos from that couple hours. That’s a bike above.

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Just some random photos from the month of April, like this one of hair stylist extraordinaire Jay Diola after wrapping a 3 day NFL shoot. Click for more for more.
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Was it winter?

In this episode of Day19 blog we bring you a couple photos from our cabin in the mountains outside of Los Angeles. We didn’t get much snow out west this year but we made sure to make the most of it. Happy Spring East Coasters, and to all you West Coasters, it’s really no different than it was last month.

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Hollister 2015.

New work for Hollister up on Day19.com under “new work”. Holla.

The Team Zine

Later this week we’ll be dropping a ‘zine of photos of photos we’ve shot of our crew on our shoots. Here’s one from a day we all decided to dress up like ninjas.


Claire. Ruben & Holly’s wedding.

We have a bunch of film cameras lying around and the film every once in awhile actually gets developed. Here’s one for a couple years ago.

Happy New Year!


Hoping you all had an amazing 2014 and heres to an even better 2015. Cheers!

Photo is of the kid in Tulum, MX on Christmas.

Welcome to Miami


Back from 2 weeks of shooting in Miami with 2 amazing new clients. Thanks for having us new friends!