We have a friend named Dallas Clayton, he wrote a book called ““An Awesome Book” that you should already own by now. We met Dallas years ago when he approached us at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market and asked if we wanted to buy a copy of his ‘zine. No one had asked us to buy a ‘zine in ages so of course we said “of course”. The ‘zine was all about how he was about to have a baby w/ his girlfriend Shannyn and all the emotions and craziness that go along with finding out you are going to be a father. I fell in love with it and have read it multiple times. His son Audio (you may know him from such things as THIS, or maybe THIS) is now 6 and he’s still writing things that make us proud to be friends, like his very awesome book. Dallas recently started the Awesome World Foundation and well…you should just watch this video to hear him tell his story, and then you should share it with the world. Good job Dallas.

Awesome Book Tour from Dallas Clayton on Vimeo.