We had our first shoot at the new house yesterday. We lived in our old house for 7 years so you can imagine that we exhausted about every possibility for another photo shoot there so it’s a good thing we have a new place, cuz this was a huge shoot. We can’t drop any news about it yet of course, but Entertainment Tonight Canada was there documenting the day and their cameras were on us a lot. So please Tivo that for us Canadians, since we don’t have plans to go to good ol’ Canada anytime soon. Also a peek at our new living room.

We did watch Juno the night before to get siked for the shoot though. Go see it. Today. It’s great. Trust us. We are saps for those kinds of flicks. And here’s our feet watching it in the new Family Room. That brings up a good question. What do you call the big room at the front of the house with couches but it’s mostly used for reading and what do you call the room at the back of the house with the TV and surround sound etc. that you mostly use for watching television. I never know what to call them. Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are easy.

And here’s a photo of my beautiful wife and her beautiful belly with our soon to be born son or daughter in it, oh… and a peek at the side of the house.