I was reading on someone’s flickr page today that they were saving up for a digital SLR and came up with the brilliant idea of having a contest to give one away. We have this old Canon 5D we haven’t used in over a year (we have taken many many photos with it so it’s by no means brand new but is in great condition) and instead of letting it just hang there we decided to give it away to a photographer in need of a new camera. Here’s how it works… First, join the Day19 Facebook group @ Day19FacebookGang and then send your five favorite lo-res (500px wide @ 72dpi is good) photographs (should be obvious, but it’s photographs of your own) to the5D@day19.com. You have to be a member of the Facebook Day19 gang to enter. Why? Because. Second, we’ll pick out our top 5 favorites and post them on this here blog with your information and everything and people can vote on who wins. The winner can then trade us a big print (the contest is really to get something new that we like to hang on our wall) of the photo for that lovely Canon 5D with the fancy grip on the bottom. Sound good? You have to send us photos by July 15th, we’ll post them shortly after.

New! Our friends at Crumpler Bags have jumped on board and are giving away a free photo bag to the winner as well.