I know it’s already October, and it is still 90 degrees outside, but last Sunday felt like the summer came to an end knowing it was probably the last day of Waterball for the season. Here’s some photos from the last day of summer…

curtis, jimmy, and meital.

jimmy jael of brother reade fame.

big steve aka grande esteban.

5 min. before I threw up my vegan potato salad after waterball, wait 20 min. before swimming kids.

steven slabco.


christopher and kris.


claire and meital.





kris and jill (5 minutes before she jumped on the trampoline.

5 minutes after.

sad jill.

christpher and alicia. our hosts for swimming all summer. thanks guys.

curtis and a glowing jill.

audio and dallas.

spags, pushed in the pool.

til’ next summer.