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Terry Reid for Washington Post.



Had the pleasure of photographing musician Terry Reid “who turned down bring in Led Zeppelin” for Washington Post recently while recording with the world’s favorite pirate. Here’s a photo of Claire with said pirate…


You can see the article online HERE!



I started bringing a camera to shows in the mid 90s as a way to fit in I guess. I actually took my first photography class at the local county college to learn how to print the photos I was shooting at shows with a “sloppy border”. I shot this photo around ’94 or ’95 of one of my favorite bands, Sense Field. I really had no idea what I was doing back then and barely knew how to use a flash, the guy at the camera store gave me a quick tutorial and I was off. This is probably on one of the first 5 rolls of film I ever shot.

Recently, Jon Bunch of Sense Field passed away and I want to put this print up for grabs to anyone who donates to his memorial fund. Later in life we became friends and he was such an amazing person and myself and a shit ton of people out there in the world will miss him dearly. Help give a little back to his family and get a signed photo!

To get a print (8×10, no edition) forward me an email ( that you donated at least $50 to his memorial fund here… Jon Bunch Memorial Fund. If you want a bigger size just get in touch.

Sense Field. Black Cat, DC. 94-95ish.

For $100+ bucks I’ll throw in a print of this portrait I shot of him in a bathroom in Boston 1998ish (i’m bad with timelines).


Shhhh, The Quiet Life.

We shot the Fall look book for our buddies over at The Quiet Life.

You can check out our edit over at work.

The big ol’ end of summer blog post.

Another Summer is coming to an end and here are a bunch of photos from this past one. It went by quick. Warning: theres a lot of kids in these photos.

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Molly, Big Bear. 2015

One day in Shanghai.

Last week we flew to China for a day, for work. We had a couple hours off the next day before our return flight and got to roam around a bit. Here are some random photos from that couple hours. That’s a bike above.

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Claire. Ruben & Holly’s wedding.

We have a bunch of film cameras lying around and the film every once in awhile actually gets developed. Here’s one for a couple years ago.

Happy New Year!


Hoping you all had an amazing 2014 and heres to an even better 2015. Cheers!

Photo is of the kid in Tulum, MX on Christmas.

Hello, This Represents.

We are more than excited to announce us joint the This Represents family. It’s an honor to be a part of this new exciting agency. The roster is incredible but more importantly great people who we consider friends. Here’s to new and exciting ideas in the world of photo agencies!

This Represents

Anthology magazine, Laure Joliet, and our home.

If you pick up the new issue of Anthology Magazine you might see a bunch of nerds standing around their house. Well some of those nerds are us! Shot by the incredibly talented Laure Joliet. They have a small sampling on their website but pick up a copy to see all the photos, especially the ones of Eli hamming it up.