Hiking, jumping, hiking, camping. Big Sur is friggin’ amazing.

We parked at a state park and walked on a dirt road to see this waterfall and amazing beach. The only problem is they fine you if you stray from the trail and go down there. So look from far away but don’t touch kids.

Emi about to jump the fence and go for it, but she didn’t…so we went up the street and found a place with less rules.

Less rules and a sweet bridge.

Less rules, a sweet bridge, and a tunnel. Claire at the light at the end of the tunnel.

And Travis and Suzy! And a tunnel! And no rules!

And an incredible huge rock 75 feet out of the ocean!

And a miniature Travis sticking his finger in Suzy’s face.

Aaron Stuart just went for it.

And Chris was close behind.

A rager raging.

Aya had to pee so she went in the ocean.

First to spot the starfish and flourescent green and red sea creatures attached to the rocks.

Maggie is now a sea salt farmer, or collector, or scraper off the rockser.


Claire back at the kitchen.