This is a blog post about spending time this summer on Raccoon Island on Lake Hopatcong in the great state of New Jersey.

So this is my Dad’s get away house. It’s a pretty amazing little island with about 40 homes, accessible by ferry in the summer and walking on the ice in the winter. There’s always a lot of fireworks, 4 wheeling, swimming and a ton of adventure time to be had.

And this guy got his first quad. A 125cc with reverse. I think he aged 5 years the day he first got a taste of it.

This is my Pops going thru the basics of what to do.

And this is my Pops encouraging him to now go down this street as fast as he can.

My Dad is like the ambassador of this rad little island.


Brian Cannon and kids. They’ve been close friends forever and the best man at our wedding.

Hurricane Sandy tore this place up pretty bad but in its wake it left some incredible fantasy worlds for little ones.

Oh yeah, and its surrounded by a lake. Eli and Grandpa.

Little guy 2.

We also visited KJ while in NJ.

Till next summer NJ and the great Raccoon Island!